Accordion Bellows Instructions

Download and print the form in A4 to determine the corners of your bellows

Please, place your bellows on the printed A4 sheet and check which one corner match your one?
The corners on the A4 printed sheet are on scale 1:1

Features and Corners of Accordion Bellows


Galassi is a world leader in the marketing and manufacturing of technical bellows and especially in the manufacture of custom-made bellows to order for all kinds of accordions and bandoneons.


Founded by Rino and Vanda Galassi after the Second World War, the company planted its roots in the territory that represents the fulcrum of the World’s accordion production.


From then on, the Galassi company has specialized in the production and assembly of bellows for musical instruments and bellows in general.


A specialization built on a wealth of passion and experience passed down from father to son, counting on three generations in this field of work: alongside Rino and Vanda, the company is run by their sons Renzo and Roberto, recently joined by their children Gabriele and Valentina.



The specialization acquired in over sixty years of experience has formed unparalleled craftsman’s mastery, witnessed in every product, from the research of detail to the resulting perfection.


Skilful craftsmanship that wanted and knew how to merge with the most advanced cutting and engraving laser technology, used to assure the most absolute precision in a craftsman’s product.


Tradition and innovation in an exclusive range, expressing the creativity of unique customizations together with impeccable results, the extra value found in the Galassi range.




The cardboard used by Galassi is the result of an exclusive formula made up of 3 different types of cardboard, two of them matched together and a third one glossy.


This special cardboard manages to guarantee softness, consistency and solidity at the same time.


Of contained weight, the pack is perfectly tight and without spaces between one fold and another, completely airtight due to the sealing which blocks any little slits which cause minute air losses.


Furthermore, this special cardboard offers very little resistance to movement, consequently enabling agile extension.



The corners are all in stainless steel and the colouring does not involve any galvanic process, but it achieved by means of a process exclusive to Galassi, to ensure that they remain unaltered in time and do not lose their pigment.


The range of corners available covers all the needs linked to the various types of bellow.


The application of the corners is the last but one in the sequence of phases in the construction of the bellows.



The materials chosen for the covering are all valued materials, cotton and satin, which are previously treated to minimize the use of aggressive glues, favouring those of natural origin.


The vast Galassi range manages to satisfy even the most varied requirements, from standard covering to those completely personalized by the customer, even lace finished.


In fact, apart from the use of standard materials and colours, the covering can be customized not only in the choice of colour or design, but specially created to customer specification.


Exclusive personal creations based on backgrounds, scenaries and photographic or artistic images on request by the customer therefore come to life.


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