Accordion Bellows Instructions

Download and print the form in A4 to determine the corners of your bellows

Please, place your bellows on the printed A4 sheet and check which one corner match your one?
The corners on the A4 printed sheet are on scale 1:1

Features and Corners of Accordion Bellows

Accordion Bellows

Custom Accordion Bellows

Through this site you can set according to your tastes, the bellows of the accordion to be made, customizing it with the edges, corners and internal fabrics to your liking.

It is possible to simulate the combination of the various materials and colors of the accordion bellows, which you will order or better estimate, directly on the screen, on the bellows-accordion page where you can see in advance how your accordion bellows would be, a once made.
The company will analyze the request for the accordion bellows requested and send the response via email, the relative cost and delivery times.

Use your imagination and have fun simulating the creation of your custom accordion bellows on this site.
You will thus have the unique and selected accordion bellows created for you.


Accordion Bellows


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